Developer Agreement


In EA-EXPO, the products can be listed for Japanese EA ’Purchaser ’. EA-EXPO strives to provide a fair and reliable place for ‘Purchaser’ and ‘User’. In order to achieve this, please observe the principles of the Code of Conduct described below. If you violate the principles of the Code of Conduct, your listing authority will be revoked and you may not be able to use EA-EXPO.

Code of Conduct by‘Exhibitor’

・Please comply with all applicable laws and all EA-EXPO terms of service.
・Never register false information about yourself.
・Please make an effort so that ‘Purchaser’ using EA-EXPO can shop with peace of mind.
・Don’t do any other “Exhibitor ’s, intentional acts that negatively affect your listing information, or their ratings.

Terms of service

Article 1 (Purpose)
This terms and conditions are intended to make the use condition between Trilogy.inc ( Company ) and the user clear.

Article 2 (Definition)
Words and phrases or definition are defined in this agreement as following.
1. ‘Services’ mean that we are providing the payment service and information service using various Internet services.
2. ‘System trade service’ means that sells Automatic trading system.
3. ‘Exhibitor’ means the person who exhibits the commodity based on agreement of company services.
4. ‘Purchaser’ means the person who purchases the commodity and services based on agreement of company services.
5. ‘User’ is general name for Exhibitor and Purchaser.
6. ‘The Site’ means ‘trgy.co.jp’, ‘ea-exposition.com’, and other associated sites.

Article 3 (Scope of Application)
These Terms shall apply to any relationship between the Company and‘User’ regarding the use of ‘Services’.‘User’ will be defined to have agreed with Member Terms and Conditions defined by the Company when ‘Services’ is used.

Article 4 (Contents of the service)
1. We shall provide payment service, affiliate system and various Internet services to ‘User’.
2. If the Company designates the display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law, the “Exhibitor” may receive a part of the sales amount when the Company sells the goods and services transferred from the “Exhibitor” to the “Purchaser”, and we shall be able to respond to ‘Purchaser’. In addition, ‘Exhibitor’ shall be deemed to accept in advance that an exhibit may not be accepted based on our discretion.
3. The copyright included in the goods and services listed shall be retained by ‘Exhibitor’.
4. ‘Exhibitor’ shall describe the display for the Specified Commercial Transaction Law on website for blogs and other websites operated by ‘Exhibitor’, when introducing products or inducing purchases, if necessary.

Article 5 (Service use fee)
‘Exhibitor’ shall be subjected to Payment service usage fees and the following usage fees will be incurred each time products and services sold by ‘Exhibitor’ are sold to ‘Purchaser’.

Selling Price(incl.tax※) Payment service usage fees
Less than 30,000 JPY 39% to Selling Price + 3.5% Payment fee
30,000 JPY 〜 100,000 JPY 36% to Selling price + 3.5% Payment fee
100,000 JPY 〜 300,000 JPY 33% to Selling price + 3.5% Payment fee
300,000 JPY 〜 1,000,000 JPY 30% to Selling price + 3.5% Payment fee
Over than 1,000,000 JPY 27% to Selling price + 3.5% Payment fee

※Invoice number required
※Sales price = product price + consumption tax 10%
※For bank transfer, no card payment fee is required

Article 6 (Discharge of selling products)
1. If there is an issue infringed on the third party’s rights or any legal issue with the displayed goods and services, it shall be deemed to resolve between ‘Exhibitor’ and ‘Purchaser’ and we will not be responsible. In addition, the Company may disclose the ‘Exhibitor’ information to a third party claiming that the rights have been infringed. In addition, if the Company receives a claim for damages from a third party because the Company infringed the third party’s rights due to the exhibited product or service, the ‘Exhibitor’ that exhibited the product or service shall be resolved at the responsibility and expense of the company. If we ask for direct action, ‘Exhibitor’ will be liable for damages incurred incurred and any monetary expenditures incurred by us.
2. ‘Exhibitor’ shall warrant that there are no defects in exhibited products and services. In the event of a claim for damage, malfunction, etc. from ‘Purchaser’, ‘Exhibitor’ will either provide normal products and services to ‘Purchaser’ again or refund the purchase price.
3. ‘Exhibitor’ itself shall cooperate in dealing with support operation for exhibited products and services.
4. The Company shall be able to review the exhibited products and services. Even if it is a product that is on sale, if the Company finds it to be inappropriate product or service, or receives a complaint from a third party, we can discontinue the product and service without permission by ‘Exhibitor’.

Article 7 (Registration for users)
If you want to use ‘Services’, you can register ‘User’ from the registration specification form on the web. ‘Services’ is intended for those over 20 years of age who can understand and read and write Japanese and promise to comply with the terms and guidelines of ‘The Site’. In addition, anti-social forces parties cannot register. After receiving the application for ‘User’ registration, the Company will send an e-mail to the applicant to approve the registration and complete the ‘User’ registration.

Article 8 (Change of reporting information)
1. ‘User’shall report to us immediately if there is a change in his name, address, phone number, email address, bank account used for payment, or other information delivered to us on user management page on web-site.
2. If we deem it necessary, we will be able to ask the ‘Exhibitor’ to submit identification documents (a copy of the registry copy for corporations, a copy of a driver’s license etc. for individuals) ‘Exhibitor’ will respond to this without delay.

Article 9 (Prohibition of transfer of rights)
The ID of ‘User’ issued by company cannot be rented, sold, or transferred to the third party. User shall be responsible for ID management and all actions performed using IDs are the responsibility of‘User’ for any reason who registered the ID.

Article 10 (Management of password)
‘User’shall handle a password issued by company with due care so that it will not be disclosed or leaked to any third party. ‘User’shall be responsible for all the damages and inadequate password management, errors in use, and third party use.

Article 11 (Use of personal information)
If we obtain personal information of‘User’on the operation of ‘Services’, we will use the personal information for only the purpose of use that has previously obtained consent from ‘User’, and without prior consent of ‘User’ , We will not use it for any other purpose. In managing and using personal information, we will take care not to impair the profits of ‘User’. The purpose of obtaining personal information from ‘User’ is as follows unless otherwise indicated, and‘User’ agrees to the purpose of use.
1. To provide ‘Services’, such as verifying the identity of‘User’and various communications
2. To be used as marketing data for the purpose of conducting our business and improving our services
3. For information and advertisements about services provided by our company and other services.

The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of‘User’except in the following cases.
1. When required by law
2. When a court or administrative body requests personal information
3. When it is deemed appropriate to provide personal information for the protection of ‘User’, public life, body or property
4. Other cases where disclosure or provision of personal information is deemed appropriate due to social conventions

Article 12 (Manner of giving notice to ‘User’)
1. The Company may notify ‘User’on E-mail or other methods deemed appropriate by the Company.
2. The E-mail notification based on the previous section shall be reached when the Company issues a notification to the registered email address of‘User’.

Article 13 (Prohibited acts by ‘User’)
The company prohibits‘User’from any of the following actions when using ‘Services’. In the event that the acts or facts of the following items are found, the Company may unconditionally suspend or delete ‘User’ authority and freeze the payment under Article 5. In addition, we shall be processing by legal measures at our discretion. It should be noted that the Company will make a judgment on the existence of prohibited acts, etc., and ‘User’ will not be necessary to explain the content on it.

1. ‘User’registration using a non-existent‘User’name
2. An act of refusing to contact us or not providing us with contact information
3. When registering‘User’, the act of registering false declarations, errors or intentional omissions
4. The act of having two or more accounts by the same person for each registration type (except where specially approved by the Company)
5. Any act that interferes with our business regardless of intention or negligence
6. Acts that infringe on copyrights and other rights of the Company and its contractors
7. Acts that slander our company or a third party, hurt honor, and bring disadvantages
8. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyright, personal rights such as portrait rights, other legal rights or rights worthy of protection, or acts that violate related laws and regulations
9. An act that an adult guardian registers and uses without representing the adult guardian, or an act that a guardian registers and uses without obtaining the consent of the guardian
10. Registration and use by persons under the age of 20
11. ‘User’impersonates a user to place an order and cancel
12. Posting images or expressions contrary to public order and morals
13. Acts that fall under religious or political activities
14. The act of ‘Exhibitor’ selling products that have no proof or success, or that we do not approve
15. Acts that violate the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as acts of aiding those who violate the aforementioned Act.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)
‘User’agreed that the company is not responsible for any damage caused by followings and acknowledges that the damage occurs to ‘User’ as the ‘Service’ propety.

1. Temporary service interruption due to communication environment failure.
2. Loss of opportunity due to system malfunctions related to services provided at ‘The Site’.
3. Loss of data due to a disk crash in the server to operate our “Services”.
4. Unauthorized use beyond the scope of normal protective measures such as user authorization.

Article 15 (Upload data)
1. Data for ‘Exhibitor’ products uploaded by ‘Services’ will not be returned.
2. ‘Exhibitor’ approves that ‘Exhibitor’ product data will be stored in our company for the purpose of dealing with disabilities of ‘Purchaser’ after the contract period specified in Article 20 of this Agreement.

Article 16 (Guaranty)
We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, etc. of public information in ‘Services’.

Article 17 (Change the specification)
Any changes or modifications to the contents of this agreement or the specifications of ‘Services’ shall be notified in advance by our company or by notification on ‘The Site’.

Article 18 (Payment)
The Company will pay “Exhibitor” the amount paid by “Purchaser”, excluding the service charge and consumption tax with the term of Close at month-end and payment on the next 10th day to the registered designated account The transfer fee will be borne by ‘Exhibitor’. In addition, payments to ‘Exhibitor’ from the Company shall be in accordance with the provisions of the following items.

1. Regardless of the transfer amount, the transfer fee per transfer will be 300 yen + consumption tax uniformly regardless of which financial institution or branch the designated transfer account is.
2. If the total amount of payment is less than 10,000 yen, it will be deferred to payment in the following month.
3. If your account name is different from your ‘Exhibitor’ name, you may be asked to confirm your identity with ‘Exhibitor’. In that case, payment will be postponed until the verification process is completed.
4. The Company will not be held liable for any inaccuracies in the registered designated account due to incorrect input, etc., which could result in payment failure. In addition, if we make multiple transfers, the transfer fee will be borne by the ‘Exhibitor’.
5. If ‘Exhibitor’ account information is blank or incomplete, and you cannot make a payment, we will send you a registration information as request email to your registered email address to correct information. If there is no renewal for 6 months after sending the first correction request email, we shall be deemed that ‘Exhibitor’ abandon the receipt of the reward.
6. If ‘Purchaser’ delays payment to us, we may withhold payment to‘User’. In addition, if ‘Purchaser’ does not pay us, we may not pay‘User’. In addition, if ‘Purchaser’ delays payment of the purchase price or other consideration to the Company, and then the payment of the consideration is implemented, the cost required by the Company to collect the consideration payment will be borne by‘User’. As a result, we may deduct the cost from the reward for ‘User’or may not pay the fee for‘User’. The Company assumes no responsibility for these.
7. If ‘Purchaser’ offers to apply the cooling off, we will not pay for ‘Exhibitor’.

Article 19 (Cancel, Repayment)
1. Whether or not cancellation or refund is possible is determined by the seller of the description based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law based on the request of ‘Purchaser’.
2. Requests for cancellations and refunds shall be made directly to the seller of the purchase in accordance with the Specified Commercial Transaction Law by ‘Purchaser’ in accordance with the notation regarding the Specified Commercial Transaction Law on the ‘Exhibitor’ website.
3. Even if cancellations or refunds occur, the ‘Exhibitor’ will be responsible for the Affiliate and 2 Tier rewards.
4. ‘Exhibitor’ understands that products subject to legal cooling-off may be canceled after purchase.

Article 20 (Validated period)
The ‘Services’ usage rights based on these Terms will be valid for one year from the date of the most recent product sale or service provision. Unless there is an intention to terminate the usage rights from either party within 30 days before the expiration date, the usage rights shall be renewed for another year by automatic extension, and so on. In addition,‘User’ automatically loses the authority to use ‘Services’ if it has not logged into ‘The Site’ for more than one year. In addition, if all or part of ‘Services’ ends during the above usage rights validity period, ‘User’naturally loses the position on ‘Services’ corresponding to the service. In this case, we will pay the ‘Exhibitor’ payment on the 10th of the month following the end of the current month, and transfer the amount after excluding the transfer fee to the designated account, and delete all the products, personal information, etc. acquired from‘User’. We have no other obligations or responsibilities to‘User’.

Article 21 (Cancellation during contract period)
1. Cancellation means suspension of login authority at ‘The Site’, and even if login authority is suspended, this agreement will be applied effectively for the term of the agreement defined in Article 20 of this agreement.
2. If you cancel, you must apply to the inquiry.
3. ‘Exhibitor’ may continue to be posted and sold in ‘The Site’ of ‘Exhibitor’ products and services at the discretion of the Company until the expiration date of usage rights stipulated in Article 20 of this Agreement. It shall be deemed that if‘User’makes a cancellation application with unpaid sales of less than 10,000 yen, we calculate the compensation up to the point of application for cancellation and register it on the registered designated account on the 10th of the month following the end of the current month. The amount after excluding the transfer fee shall be transferred.

Article 22 (Acceptation)
‘Exhibitor’ also accepts the following:
1. The products and services transferred from ‘Exhibitor’ may be modified, changed or improved as deemed appropriate by the Company.
2. We will conduct a test download of the goods and services transferred from ‘Exhibitor’.

Article 23 (Confidentiality)
Our company and‘User’who received or became aware of the contents of this agreement and this agreement are responsible for all the technical, sales and other business information (hereinafter referred to as “confidential information”) of the other party. We shall keep confidentiality with the utmost care and shall not disclose or leak to a third party without obtaining the written consent of the other party in advance. However, this does not apply to publicly known facts or matters that the parties have learned independently. We and‘User’will take appropriate steps to ensure that their employees comply with their confidentiality obligations. In addition,‘User’ shall not engage in business to compete based on the information provided under this agreement. If it’s against, ‘User’ shall be responsible for indemnifying the company for lost profits caused by violating act irrespective of Article,24.

Article 24 (Exclusion of antisocial forces)
1. “A user” is the person or representative, officer, employee who has substantial management rights, employee, agent or intermediary (hereinafter referred to as “related person”). Employees, associate members of gangs, companies related to gangs, general associations, social movements, political activities, special intelligence violence groups, or those who have a close relationship with these persons (hereinafter referred to as “antisocial “)” And that they will not fall into the future.
2. ‘User’shall ensure that itself or its related parties do not directly or indirectly perform the following actions.
2.1. Violent demands
2.2. Unfair demands beyond legal liability
2.3. Any act of intimidating behavior (including but not limited to telling you that you or your parties are antisocial forces) or using violence
2.4. Disseminating rumors, using counterfeiters or using power to damage our reputation or interfere with our business
2.5. Other acts in accordance with the preceding items
3. If‘User’is found to violate any of the statements or commitments set forth in the preceding two paragraphs, the Company shall terminate this Agreement without requiring any notice, You can cancel the offer. The Company shall not be liable to‘User’for any damage caused to the customer due to such cancellation.

Article 25 (Compensation for damage)
‘User’shall compensate for any damage caused to the Company in relation to the performance of the obligations under these Terms.

Article 26 (Language / Applicable Law)
The terms of this Agreement shall be Japanese as official text, and if there is a discrepancy between the Japanese language and the translation of this Agreement provided by the Company, Japanese shall prevail. Regardless of the conflict of laws principle, this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

Article 27 (Court of Jurisdiction)
For all legal disputes regarding these Terms, the Osaka District Court or Osaka Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance, depending on the amount of the complaint.

Article 28 (Revised Protocol)
When there is a change in law, instructions from the supervisory authority, or other needed, these terms may be revised based on the provisions of Article 548-4 of the Civil Code. The details of the revision and the provisions after the revision and the effective date will be announced through storefront display, the Internet or other appropriate methods before the effective date comes.

July 18, 2019 writing
July 26, 2019 Amendment
February 4, 2024 Amendment