Terms of Use


These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”) set forth the conditions for using the various services (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by Trilogy Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). If you do not agree to the content of these Terms, you may not use the Service.

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of these Terms of Use is to clarify the terms of use between the Company and the user.

Article 2 (Definitions)
The terms and definitions set forth in these Terms shall be as follows:
1. “The Service” refers to the payment services and various internet services provided by the Company that involve the provision of information.
2. “Seller” refers to a person who agrees to the terms related to the Company’s Service and lists products on the Service.
3. “Buyer” refers to a person who agrees to the terms related to the Company’s Service and purchases products or services.
4. “User” is a general term for “Seller” and “Buyer.”
5. “This Site” refers to “trgy.co.jp,” “ea-exposition.com,” and other sites operated by the Company and affiliated sites.

Article 3 (Membership)
1. Members can use the Service according to the conditions set by the Company. However, registration of matters defined by separate terms for each service, contract documents, etc., may be required.
2. When registering for membership, please accurately enter the required information in the designated input form. The procedure should be conducted by the person becoming a member.
3. User IDs and passwords should be managed responsibly by the member to ensure they are not known to others, including regular changes. The Company will not be responsible for any damages arising from the use of the Service if the entered user ID and password match the registered ones, even if they are misused or used by someone other than the member.
4. Members must promptly register any changes to their name, address, telephone number, email address, and other information provided to the Company. The Company will not be responsible for any damages arising from the failure to make such changes. Transactions that have already been processed before the registration of changes will be conducted based on the information before the changes.
5. If you wish to cancel your membership, please request the deletion of your membership information to the Company. Membership will be cancelled after the prescribed withdrawal procedures are completed. After withdrawing membership, it is not possible to reacquire products purchased or reuse the Service.

Article 4 (Disclaimer)
1. The Service does not guarantee any type of representation regarding the information posted on the Company’s site. Please use the Company’s site at your own discretion.
2. The Company will not be responsible for any damages arising from communication line failures, computers, etc., or any other damages incurred by users in relation to the Service.
3. The Company does not guarantee that its site, emails, and content are free from computer viruses, etc.
4. The Company will not be responsible for any damages arising from a user’s violation of these Terms, etc.

Article 5 (Prohibited Actions)
The following actions are prohibited when using the Service:
1. Violating laws or these Terms, etc.
2. Damaging the rights, interests, reputation, etc., of the Company, users, and related third parties.
3. Unauthorized access to the Company’s servers or other computers.
4. Lending, transferring, or sharing user IDs and passwords with third parties.
5. Any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Article 6 (Handling of Member Information)
1. The Company will handle personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
2. Except in the following cases, the Company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the user:
a) When required by law.
b) When requested by a court or administrative agency.
c) When it is deemed appropriate to provide personal information for the protection of the life, body, or property of the seller or the public.
d) In other cases where it is deemed socially appropriate to disclose or provide personal information.

Article 7 (Interruption, Suspension, etc., of Service)
The Company may take necessary measures such as interrupting or suspending all or part of the Service without prior notice if it conducts regular or emergency maintenance of the system, if there is a concentration of load on the system, if there is a judgement that the operation of the Service is hindered, if it is necessary to secure the security of members, or if it is deemed necessary. The Company will not be responsible for any damages incurred by members in such cases.

Article 8 (Change, Discontinuation, Specification Changes, etc., of Service)
The Company may, at its discretion and without the consent of the user, change or discontinue all or part of

the Service as appropriate. Also, changes or modifications to the content or specifications of the Service set forth in these Terms can be made only by prior written notice by the Company or notification on this Site.

Article 9 (Method of Notification to Users)
The Company may notify or inform users via email or any other method deemed appropriate by the Company. Notifications by email based on the previous item are considered to have reached when the Company sends the notification to the member’s registered email address.

Article 10 (Governing Law, Agreed Jurisdiction)
These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law, and any legal disputes related to these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Summary Court, depending on the amount of the claim.

February 4 , 2024 writing
March 15, 2024 Amendment
Director of the Kinki Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance (Kinsho) No.372